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antigravity metatoken | instructions


  1. Obtain supported token or LP token (liquidity provider token from Uniswap) for staking (the more the merrier.)
  2. Enable metamask
  3. Approve the token for farming in the amount you feel comfortable with
  4. Stake as many tokens as you please
  5. Your net reward grows linearly with each block added to the blockchain. Claim your reward to have the antigravity tokens minted and sent to you.
  6. Anytime you stake or unstake to a given pool, metatokens are claimed.

Each pool has its own multiplier and APY, but they all payout the same base reward. Farmers are rewarded for staking needed tokens with each block that is processed on the ethereum block chain. Pool rewards are split fairly among farmers. Their reward is a constant multiplied by the number of blocks they have staked for, multiplied by their percentage share of the pool. For example 5% ownsership entitles a user to 5% of the pool rewards. Pools that need liquidity the most should be the most rewarding. Pools that have the fewest farmers will have the largest base rewards to payout.

You may unstake your tokens at anytime. When you unstake, they are sent back to your wallet, but a quarter of one percent are retained permanently as a fee to prevent liquidity from drying up.

The top three pools come with the benefit of awarding users a personal bonus that universally applies to all pools. In order to unlock this bonus, you need to stake an amount that is greater than or equal to the threshold. For example, if the threshold is 500, you will gain a bonus multiplier of 1 for each 500 staked, for a maximum bonus multiplier of 100.

List of Farms