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These terms and conditions may change at anytime, continued use implies agreement to the new terms.

Anything that is not included in these terms of service should be deemed to be included implicitly if and only if it is most beneficial to all parties involved.

By using this service, you unconditionally agree, now, and forever, to never sue the creator of this service, for any reason whatsoever. Additionally, you agree that any such litigation is AUTOMATICALLY FORFEIT.



Most tokens and services incur usage fees. For example, token transfers come with a small fee that is deducted from the recipient's incoming transfer. Fees can be set anywhere from 0% to 7.5%. Fees at launch for most tokens are less than 1% (0.3%). These fees may change, but will never increase above 7.5% for existing tokens as of 12/31/2020. All fees are independent of the Ethereum gas consumption fee, which varies and depends on the user's input. About half of DollarSafe token fees are typically burned to help stablecoins rise to their pegged value. The rest is bound to the Antigravity Metatoken, which can be liquidated to release all tokens it contains, including the fee token, to the owner of the Antigravity tokens. Antigravity Metatokens are created through a process known as farming. Anyone can farm to obtain Antigravity Metatokens.


Transactions are typically processed within a few minutes, depending on the gas price provided. Peak usage may require higher gas prices to be processed in a reasonable time frame. When the user enters an amount in gas, it is in Ethereum, and is the maximum total a user is willing to spend on gas (units used multiplied by price).

The creator of this service is not responsible for losses related to the blockchain, theft, vandalism, problems with ethereum, errors, viruses, acts of God, outages, etc.

Risks of Investing

Like any other investment, investment in cryptocurrency carries risks. Many things could go wrong resulting in the loss of invested funds. Investing in DollarSafe tokens is no different.

Restricted Usage

You agree not to enable or transfer funds to any country or group actively sanctioned or embargoed by the US government.

Price Oracles

Price oracles are used to determine the correct price of real world assets from the blockchain. uses decentralized oracles to obtain accurate price points to within approximately half a percent of the real world value. We cannot gaurantee the accuracy of the data, however, it has never failed before. If it did, it would be replaced as soon as spotted.

Glitches, Bugs, Errors

Upon spotting any non-trivial glitches, bugs, or errors, we ask you to immediately contact support at with all relevant details. Information provided will be used to remedy the problem.

Sovereignty of Funds

Tokens can never be siezed, burned, or confiscated by anyone who does not own them or is entitled to use them. This is by design to promote freedom, security, and sovereignty of funds. If you allow a third party to spend your tokens via the standard ERC20 approve method, then they can spend only the amount you authorized. This feature is required by necessity, and many applications are not possible without it.

Token Burning

Tokens can be burned. When tokens are burned, they are used up forever. The token supply diminishes by the amount burned. This is a very useful and convenient method of capping inflation and sharing fees perfectly and fairly amongst all token holders. If tokens are sent directly to their own contract addresses, they are burned. This is to help decentralized DollarSafe and Antigravity to be an all-inclusive open-source DAO. It is permissionless. Developers can contribute without needing permission by collecting revenue in the form of a token (i.e. Antigravity) in their dApp. They can then burn a percentage of it to evely distribute it to all token holders.


A Decentralized Autonomous Government, or DAG, is planned to promote the usefulness of Antigravity and increase its usage. There is an option to automatically fund it directly from the mint, as a small percentage of all newly minted Antigravity would be minted at the same time and sent to the treasury. The DAG must provide a free and open forum where anyone can post propositions, unedited and uncensored. If users vote to pass a propositions, the proposition would be automatically funded by the treasury, based on how popular it ranks with voters. Voters select independent workers who bid on projects. When they complete their job, they are rated and paid accordingly from project funds.

Rules for Americans (Citizens of the USA)

You may use these services if you agree that you understand the risks involved, that you are sophisticated enough to use it responsibly, and are a qualified investor (provided you are investing money seeking a profit). If, for any reason, your use of this platform incurs a financial penalty due to financial regulation from the US government, you agree to compensate us for your share of the fine, or to pay on our behalf to the government your share of the fine.

For American investors investing $1,000,000 or more, contact, to be added to our preferred investors professional program.

Final Words

This platform has been designed to be modular and decentralized, inclusive of all and anyone who wishes to contribute, with few exceptions. Thus, it may go any direction, not determined by any one central group.

Anything not explicitly written in this agreement shall be deemed to be included if it is in the best interest of all participants, according to their stake, most importantly, and to a lesser extent to all stakeholders who may not be obviously connected or even own tokens or assets.