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Antigravity Farm: DeFi gravity

The Antigravity Metatoken

The Anti-Gravity token, from, is a sophisticated Metatoken that stores value in the form of subtokens. Each subtoken is evenly divided amongst Antigravity tokens. At any moment, an owner can liquidate their metatokens to retrieve their fair share of the subtokens it contains. Antigravity is tradable on uniswap, and does not require liquidation to realize its value. All the tokens charge small fees for various actions, such as transfers. A significant portion of all fees are instantaneously sent to the metatoken for binding. Therefore, over time, the metatokens gain in value as revenue occurs. Anyone and any contract can send any ERC20 token to the metatoken. This will bind it to the metatoken. Any token can join the antigravity DAO this way and there is no limit to how many subtokens it can hold.

The Antigravity Farm (How to get antigravity tokens)

Welcome to the Anti-Gravity Farm! To obtain the antigravity metatokens, users must stake any approved token or liquidity provider token provided by Uniswap. This process helps the metatoken and all users thereof by providing liquidity. A very small 0.65 percent (less than 1%) of all tokens that are unstaked are retained to prevent any massive user from 'rug pulling' and draining all liquidity in an instant. The currency is deflationary. Every transfer burns a small percentage of the metatoken, without burning the subtoken bindings, thereby, theoretically increasing the value of each metatoken. This is intended to compensate users for inflation. It reduces the token supply without altering the respective subtoken supplies. This can entitle savers and holders to greater subtoken portions. Further, the yields given for each pool decrease by a hundredth of a percent each time it is claimed, until the yield will slow to 1 unit per block. The value of each metatoken, with any luck, will be much greater then.


  1. Obtain supported token or LP token (liquidity provider token from Uniswap) for staking (the more the merrier)
  2. Enable metamask
  3. Approve the token for farming in the amount you feel comfortable with
  4. Stake as many tokens as you please
  5. Your net reward grows linearly with each block added to the blockchain. Claim your reward to have the antigravity tokens minted and sent to you.
  6. Anytime you stake or unstake to a given pool, metatokens are claimed.

Rainfall Bonus:

A bonus of 10x in added to the pool of your choice, but it applies to all users. Anyone can pay the gas and eth fee to summon rainfall to the pool of choice. Once you do, the Eth fee is used to mint Lime and bind it to the metatoken. Everytime rain is summoned, it adds the bonus to the selected pool and subtracts 1 bonus point from each previous pool until they have 0 bonus points. Be aware, anyone at any time can rotate it, so there is no guarantee that it will rest on any given pool for long.

Universal Bonus

Some pools are special. Up to 3 pools at a time award a universal bonus across all pools for any user that stakes at least the required threshold of tokens. Once you have reached the threshold, the bonus applied is the total number staked divided by the threshold. This is very powerful! It would be a great idea to obtain this bonus and then stake to a pool that is under utilized (more rewards for you). The bonus only applies as long as your tokens are staked to the special pool(s). Enjoy!

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